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We service Whatcom County with a focus on the greater Bellingham area.

Our Services

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Plant Installation

Whether you are looking for bird habitat, evergreen aesthetics, color-popping perennials, shading trees or functional screening, we will find a plant palette that will meet your needs.


We love replacing monoculture grass lawns with vibrant, diverse habitats and specialize in hardy, native turf replacements.

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We use almost exclusively natural materials like flagstones and risers for stairs, paths, patios, and garden edging.

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Rain Gardens and
Water Features

Thematic Elements

Plant Care and

As summers get drier, water features are increasingly important sources of year-round drinking water. Ours are calming, functional, and energy efficient. We are happy to provide ongoing maintenance.

Drawing inspiration from the forests, rivers, mountains and coastlines around the Salish Sea, we know nothing creates both character and biodiverse habitat like mossy boulders or a gnarled trunk.

Even low-maintenance landscapes need some tending to stay happy and healthy, especially identifying and managing noxious species and treating stress and disease.


We have experience with a wide range of projects. Don't see a service listed? Contact us for a free consultation and if we cannot help you, we are happy to recommend a trusted local business that can.
(Please note that we do not do lawn care or maintenance)

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